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This e-course introduces you to the different visions of development, the way each is defined, the goals set under each, and the progress measured. The link between economic development conventionally understood and environmental considerations is also explored as is the role of social factors such as inclusiveness, equity and gender.

This e-course is ideal for policy makers, members of the academe, government leaders, urban planners, private sector authorities, and other professionals engaged in climate change and sustainable development work.



The e-Course comprises the following 30-minute modules that you can take at your own pace:

Module 1: Principles and Rationale for Sustainable Development

The module deals with the concept of development. It considers different definitions, paying particular attention to sustainable development, and it briefly discusses ways of measuring it.

The evolution of the concept of sustainable development is reviewed. Millennium Development Goals are discussed as is the successor concept of Sustainable Development Goals.

Module 2: Economic Development and the Environment

The module notes the far too common association of development with economic growth. It describes conventional measures of economic growth finding them insufficient for measuring sustainable development. It then considers how the complex interaction of economic growth with physical and natural environmental conditions can be taken into account when assessing what has been achieved.

Module 3: Social Inclusiveness

The module introduces you to the role of social considerations, including inclusiveness, equity, equality, and gender in achieving sustainable development.