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25 Aug 2017

This webinar aims to develop a common understanding of economic analysis methodologies and applications to evaluate the rationale, purpose and justification of investment projects.


We would like to invite you to our upcoming Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series (KSWS) on 21 April 2017, Friday, 1:00–2:30 PM (Manila Time, GMT+8).
The topic is Strategic Leadership in Public Organizations. This free webinar is part of the pre-event activities of the upcoming Annual Program 2017 in Tokyo.

On 12 December 2015, a historic agreement among 195 nations was made in Paris to “combat climate change and unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future." Here are 5 key points you need to know about the COP21 Agreement.

The second Knowledge Sharing Series session will be on 19 February 2016, Friday, with the theme "Sustainable Urban Transport: Realizing the New Climate Change Agenda and Initiatives in BRT and Road Safety." This 2-hour live and interactive video conference will feature speakers and discussants from ADB, World Resources Institute (WRI) and officials from the People's Republic of China, among others. Find out how you can join for free!

Mark your calendar this Friday, 19 February 2016, for the 2nd Knowledge Sharing Series session. This 2-hour interactive webinar features officials from ADB, the People's Republic of China, Hongik University, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), and World Resources Institute (WRI), who will discuss the COP 21 agreement's implications on sustainable urban transport and initiatives in BRT and road safety.

Find out why transport and urban development specialists agree that now is the right time to implement green transport projects, which are accessible to numerous funding opportunities.

In celebration of International Women's Day, we invite you to read short blogs from ADB's Laurence Levaque on how urban planners and transport specialists can address violence against women and girls in ensuring safe roads, cities and neighborhoods in Asia.

This is an introduction to the different visions of development, the way each is defined, the goals set under each, and the progress measured. The link between economic development conventionally understood and environmental considerations is also explored, as well as the role of social factors such as inclusiveness, equity and gender.

Our two most recent Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) events focused on addressing leadership skills on effective communication and stakeholder engagement. Teresa Erickson and Tim Ward were our speakers during the third KSS on "Communication Strategies for Innovative Sustainable Development and Climate Change Initiatives" last May. Meanwhile, Matthias Gelber and ADB's Charlotte Lapsansky presented during the fourth KSS on "Leadership and Communication Challenges for Climate Change Aspects of Development Projects" last week. Technical briefs and videos of these KSS events will be uploaded in our website soon.