Leadership and Communication

Crafting Compelling Messages - Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

To create compelling messages, make them Concise, Concrete, Catchy, and Connected to what people care about.


"Mutual Gains" in Stakeholder Negotiation and Consensus Building - Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

A mutual gains approach to negotiation and consensus building is essential to making collaboration work.


Strategic Leadership in Public Organizations - Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

Strategic leadership has tools, frameworks, and related leadership styles essential for public organizations.


5th Knowledge Sharing Series: Developing Transformational Leadership for Sustainable Development

Leaders need to increase self-awareness by enhancing their emotional intelligence to lead teams more powerfully.


Watch: What is Stakeholder Engagement?

This video by Future 500 entitled "What is Stakeholder Engagement?" was used as part of the pre-event resources of the fourth Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS).  It breaks down common stereotypes of companies and activists in engaging different parties during implementation of development initiatives.

4th Knowledge Sharing Series: Leadership & Comm Challenges for Climate Change Development Projects

A big leadership challenge is communicating climate change issues among different stakeholders in project implementation.