These seminars and workshops are structured face-to-face learning events under the Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change which usually last multiple days or weeks. The events are guided by clearly stated goals and learning objectives and are facilitated by recognized speakers and experts. Participants are selected by invitation.

The fifth program offering was held in May 2016 in Seoul, Korea. The first day focused on “big picture” issues and challenges on sustainable development and climate change, while the remaining days were filled with field visits, a case study analysis, and action planning.

The fourth program offering (Asia Leadership 2015) was held in March 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. It highlighted the good practices and the innovative and advanced technologies in energy, transport, and urban development. It also showcased strategies to improve finance and planning. 

The third program offering of the Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change was held in Seoul, Korea. The discussions in this event focused on renewable and sustainable energy, sustainable urban transport, and green city development.

The second program offering was held in Delhi, India in February 2013. The event emphasized leadership for sustainability, global sustainable development governance, the food-energy-water-climate nexus and systems thinking for sustainable development, and updates on climate change challenges in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The first program offering and the pilot of the program was done in 2012 at the Asian Development Bank Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. It focused on 3 key areas: finance, governance, and communications.