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02 Jun 2017

Webinar #8: 02 June 2017

To create compelling messages, make them Concise, Concrete, Catchy, and Connected to what people care about.



Framing your ideas as compelling messages helps you get the attention of key stakeholders.  Creating a compelling narrative makes them want to work with you to make change happen. In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn why messaging is important
  2. Learn the 4 C’s for creating compelling messages
  3. Practice developing a message
  4. Learn three steps to crafting a narrative that makes people want to work with you to make change happen.
  5. Learn about two case studies in which government leaders used influencing skills to create change. 
Resource Persons

Teresa Erickson and Tim Ward are development communications experts who have been speakers in our webinar last year.  They are the owners of Intermedia Communications, authors of The Master Communicator’s Handbook, and have led hundreds of communication workshops around the world, working with organizations such as WWF, the World Bank, ADB, and the United Nations, among others.

Born in Portugal, Teresa worked with the Voice of America (VOA) for 19 years as a producer and editor, and hosted VOA’s flagship public affairs program broadcast worldwide to 90 million listeners a week. She has voiced award-winning documentaries for broadcast in Brazil and Portugal.

Tim is a former print journalist and a well-known author in his native Canada. He has written eight books, including the best seller, "What the Buddha Never Taught," and "Indestructible You" (with Shai Tubali). Tim is also publisher of Changemaker Books.


How to Join

You can join the webinar in two ways:

  • Real-time interaction with speakers and participants through CloudAxis.  For you to familiarize with the platform, we urge you to log in at any time between 9:00—9:45 AM on the same day, so that the webinar team can help you address any technical issue before the event.  Read the quick guide here »
  • View event through ADB's Live Broadcast Site.  View the livestream and relay your questions to the speakers through quick emails to information@ADBLeadership.Asia.  Bookmark this link today:  (Note: Site can only be viewed using Internet Explorer browser.)

Feel free to email us at inquire@ADBLeadership.Asia if you have any questions.


Pre-event Resources

Participants are requested to read the following resources in advance related to the webinar's topic:


View the full session below


Crafting Compelling Messages - Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series