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More than 60 enrollees have participated since we initially offered three e-courses in April 2016.  For those who have not yet completed the e-courses on "Towards Sustainable Development," "Introduction to Natural Resource Management," and "Sustainable and Resilient Cities," please be advised that these e-courses will be closed on Friday, 01 July 2016.  So be sure to complete them on or before the said date.  For queries or technical assistance, you may send us an email at support@ADBLeadership.Asia .

Knowledge Sharing Series on Project Communication



Our two most recent Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS) events focused on addressing leadership skills on effective communication and stakeholder engagement.  Teresa Erickson and Tim Ward were our speakers during the third KSS on "Communication Strategies for Innovative Sustainable Development and Climate Change Initiatives" last May.  Meanwhile, Matthias Gelber and ADB's Charlotte Lapsansky presented during the fourth KSS on "Leadership and Communication Challenges for Climate Change Aspects of Development Projects" last week.  Technical briefs and videos of these KSS events will be uploaded in our website soon.  

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ADB's Book on "GrEEEn" Solutions



GrEEEn Solutions for Livable Cities” takes stock of ongoing urban, environment, and green growth practices.  The term “grEEEn” (with three Es) articulates for economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability, and social equity, and goes beyond the traditional perception of green cities as equivalent to cities with trees, flowers and green spaces. Read More »