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21 Jun 2016

Webinar #4: 21 June 2016

A big leadership challenge is communicating climate change issues among different stakeholders in project implementation.




The webinar aimed for the participants to:

  1. Appreciate the increasing need for climate change leadership in projects;
  2. Identify communication challenges, based on discussions during the 2016 Asia Leadership Program, and have greater understanding and tools on how to overcome them; and
  3. Use a discussion platform where additional communication support can be provided.


Resource Persons

The two main resource persons are Matthias Gelber and Charlotte Lapsansky.  Their discussion focused on the following:

  • Climate Change Communication and Leadership after COP 21
  • Project Communication for Development Results

Matthias is an avid environmentalist dubbed  dubbed as the “Green Man” for his commitment to sustainable practices and being a model of green living.  On the other hand, Charlotte is Development Communications Specialist at ADB, where she is part of the team that is establishing a program to strengthen communication for development in the Bank.


Summaries and Technical Notes

You may read the summaries and technical notes for this session here>> and here>>


Pre-Event Activities and Other Resources

Prior to the session, participants were encouraged to watch the short video "What is Stakeholder Engagement?" by Future 500.  While set in a corporate scenario, the video presents principles of engagement and communication that are also highly relevant in the development setting.


View the full session here

After viewing the video, you may share your feedback by completing a quick survey online here>>


4th Knowledge Sharing Series: Leadership & Comm Challenges for Climate Change Development Projects