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Charlotte Lapsansky of ADB’s Department of External Relations was one of the speakers during the 4th Knowledge Sharing Series on “Leadership and Communication Challenges for Climate Change Aspects of Development Projects.”  This brief technical note summarizes her presentation that underscores the contribution of project communication in achieving targets for social development and mitigating risks arising from lack of stakeholder buy in.  

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5 Reasons to Attend This Year's ADB Transport Forum in Manila



This September, the ADB Transport Forum 2016 will assemble the leading minds in transport and international development for a series of high-level policy debates, deep-dive technical sessions and thought-provoking talks and presentations. Here are five reasons why you should not to miss the #ADBTF16.  Know More »

Free e-Course on Sustainable Food Systems in Southeast Asia



Launched recently by the Stockholm Environment Institute, the course explores how natural resources are currently used to take the food we eat from the field or ocean to our plates.  The e-course is for anyone with an interest in food, sustainable production and consumption, natural resources, or environmental sustainability.  To know more about this online course, click here »