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23 May 2016 to 27 May 2016

Asia Leadership Program 2016 (Korea)

(23-27 May Seoul, Korea) 

The fourth program offering highlighted co-learning between ADB staff and invited participants working on projects that address sustainable development and climate change issues focusing on the following sectors and areas:

  • Energy: Renewable energy, energy efficiency and microgrids;
  • Transport: Road safety, safety audit, bus rapid transit, sustainable urban transport and IT systems;
  • Urban development: Smart cities, urban governance, urban infrastructure and services;
  • Water: Water sanitation, flood management, water resources management.


The face-to-face learning event in Seoul included plenary and breakout sessions, field visits, case analysis, panel discussions, and interactive open discussions.

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The 2016 Program invited 23 high-level government officials from ADB's client countries and nine ADB staff participants. They interacted and engaged with onsite local partners in the energy, transport, urban and water sectors. Participants' profiles will be uploaded soon.

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