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04 May 2017

“Mutual Gains” in Stakeholder Negotiation and Consensus Building

Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series

04 May 2017, Thursday, 10:00–11:30 AM (Manila Time, GMT+8)


To meet sustainable development challenges, public and private decision makers must respond to diverse and sometimes conflicting economic, environmental and social interests. The stakeholders in these challenges resist “trading off” their priorities for the sake of reaching an agreement or decision. In most societies, top-down decision making to resolve conflicts is less effective than efforts to engage stakeholders in dialogue, negotiation and consensus building. Leaders need to know how to use a mutual gains approach to negotiation and consensus building to avoid impasse and reach “higher common denominator” outcomes.

This webinar aims for the participants to:

  1. Know the importance of effective collaboration among stakeholders to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals; and
  2. Be introduced to the “mutual gains approach” to sustainable development decision.


Resource Persons

  • David Fairman is Managing Director at the Consensus Building Institute, Associate Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, and Faculty Director for the Sustainability Challenge Foundation.
  • Dong-Young Kim is Associate Professor at KDI School of Public Policy and Management, and Senior Faculty for the Sustainability Challenge Foundation



10:00–10:10 AM: Welcome and Introduction by Young Uck Kang

10:10–11:10 AM: Presentation by David Fairman and Dong-Young Kim

11:10–11:25 AM: Discussion by Speaker and Participants

11:25–11:30 AM: Closing and Next Steps by Young Uck Kang


How to Join

You can join the webinar in two ways:

  • Real-time interaction with speakers and participants through CloudAxis.  For you to familiarize with the platform, we urge you to log in at any time between 9:00—9:45 AM on the same day, so that the webinar team can help you address any technical issue before the event.  Read the quick guide here »
  • View event through ADB's Live Broadcast Site.  View the livestream and relay your questions to the speakers through quick emails to information@ADBLeadership.Asia.  Bookmark this link today:  (Note: Site can only be viewed using Internet Explorer browser.)

Feel free to email us at inquire@ADBLeadership.Asia if you have any questions.


Pre-event Resources

Participants are urged to find time to read the following resources in advance related to the webinar's topic:


Post-event Activities

Participants are given the opportunity to do the following activities after the webinar: 

  • Feedback: After the event, participants will be asked to share their feedback by completing a quick survey online, so we can further improve the series. 
  • Discuss: Participants and the speaker are given the opportunity to continue online discussion through the Program’s Community of Leaders page hosted through Yammer.  A separate guide will be issued for this online discussion forum.
  • Review: Recorded proceedings of the webinar, as well as brief technical summaries, will be uploaded here and in ADB's K-Learn site.