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Asia Leadership Program 2015 (Japan)

(2-7 March Tokyo, Japan) 

The third program offering was hosted in one of the most innovative and highly advanced country in sustainable development: Tokyo, Japan. The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) was the partner organizaiton for this program. 
The participants and policy makers were introduced to a series of learnings and insights that focused on good practices for innovative and advanced technologies in energy, transport and urban development, finance and planning. This year's program reinforced the previous launch of the e-Learning modules with an enhanced and improved curriculum.  


The executive level session was held on 2-4 March with keynote presentations on good practices of energy, transport and urban development. 

The senior level session were from 4-7 March where the program was divided into energy, transport and urban working groups.   


The Executive level session gathered 14 ministers, vice-ministers, and secretaries in the areas of transport and infrastructure, finance, environment and conservation, forestry and executive planning. 

The Senior level session gathered 24 Director Generals, Senior Advisors and Assistant Secretaries from the three sector groups: energy, transport and urban development.  


The speakers, experts and thought leaders of the 2015 annual program are from emerging industries for sustainability such as information technology, urban development, energy and finance.  


Materials and references from the 2015 annual program include case studies on technology and innovation, green financing, green growth and smart cities.


Photos taken from the Executive and Senior level sessions with field visits of the 2015 Asia Leadership program.