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Asia Leadership Program 2014 (Korea)

(7-11 April Seoul, Korea)

The second program offering in 2014 was held in Seoul, Korea. The KDI School of Public Policy and Management was the event partner that provided guidance and support to the various key topics for the event.

 The key milestone of the program was the pilot-test of the e-learning modules and the case study method. Added insights from the field visits were used to discuss, analyze, and propose solutions to the cases on renewable and sustainable energy, sustainable urban transport, and green city development. Asia Leadership 2014 also launched the virtual Community of Leaders that aim to sustain dialogues and interaction among program participants, speakers, experts, and partners..



The executive level session was held from 7-8 April with forum sessions and field visits for energy, urban transport and green city.  

The senior level session was scheduled on 9-11 April with skills enhancement sessions, case study presentations and field visits.


The executive level session was attended by 13 policy makers from 11 different member countries.

The senior level session had 27 technical participants coming from 17 different countries in Asia.


The speakers, experts and thought leaders of the 2014 annual program were from the fields of enviroment and policy development, research, strategic planning, and government. 


Materials and references from the 2014 annual program include case studies on sustainable development, leadership, capacity development and climate change updates. 




Photos taken from the Executive and Senior level sessions of the 2014 Asia Leadership program.