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Asia Leadership Program 2013 (India)

(2-17 February Delhi, India)

The first program offering (regional program) focused on leadership and sustainability, global and sustainable development governance, food-energy-water-climate nexus, and systems thinking for sustainable development.



The first Annual Program was held from 2-4 February for the executive level session and 5-17 February for the senior and technical level sessions.  The 2013 program focused on leadership for sustainability, global sustainable development governance, the food-energy-water-climate nexus and systems thinking for sustainable development. It also provided the audience with updated information on the climate change challenges in Asia-Pacific. 


The Executive level session was held from 2 -4 February and was attended by 20 executive policy makers of 14 developing country members.  

The Senior level session was held from 5 - 17 February  and gathered 49 senior and technical policy makers accross 20 Asian countries. 



The speakers include thought leaders, policy makers and distinguished academic professionals in the field of agriculture, climate change, energy, and the environment.  


Materials and references from the 2013 annual program include case studies, policies, key data reference and global climate updates. 




Photos taken from the Executive and Senior / Technical level sessions with field visits of the 2013 Asia Leadership program.