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Asia Leadership Program 2012 (Philippines)

(10-14 September Manila, Philippines)

The pilot program (at HQ) focused on low carbon growth, vulnerability and resilience, climate change risks and opportunities, climate risk and adaptive capacity, financing solutions, governance, and knowledge sharing and communications.



The 3-day face to face learning event focused on the following topics: low carbon growth, vulnerability and resilience, risks and opportunities in climate change, climate risk and adaptive capacity, developing financing solutions, and knowledge sharing.   


 The pilot program gathered a huge attendance of more than 60 developing member country representatives, Asian Development Bank experts, speakers, and partners.


The experts and thought leaders of the pilot program shared their insights and experiences are from environmental and climate change organizations, local government and community development entities.  


Materials and references from the 2012 annual program include case studies, policies, key data reference and global climate updates. 




Photos taken from the 3-day event of the 2012 Asia Leadership program.